Special Update: Blackmail by Anna James Watson

Warning: Blackmail (Skeleton Key #1) by Anna James Watson is erotica and thus rated X. Proceed only if you are 18 years of age or older and are comfortable with this genre and the topics it entails.

I have a special announcement regarding one of the first books I ever reviewed on The Writer’s Scrap Bin, Anna James Watson’s Blackmail (Skeleton Key #1). About a month ago (I am so behind the times!) the novel was re-released with a brand new, beautiful cover on Amazon. It’s the same book that I fell in love with but with an even more gorgeous, professional cover.

Image retrieved from Amazon

Book cover changes are common in the publishing industry (look at how many there are for Harry Potter). It’s even easier to make these changes with e-books, one of the advantages of self-publishing and small-press publishing online. However, they’re still a reason to celebrate, especially when the cover is as stunning as this one (simple but stunning).

Join me in congratulating Watson on the re-release of Blackmail and wish her luck on the rest of the Skeleton Key series.

If you want to check out Watson’s erotic novel, you can find it in Kindle and paperback format on Amazon.  Be sure to check out my review of the book and also follow Anna James Watson on her various social media accounts, all of which you can find listed on her Twitter account under @annajameswatson.

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