Charity Project Publication for American Minorities

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m starting this weekend with a slightly different kind of announcement. I try and provide you with new publishing opportunities each week but this one is through me directly. Additionally, this opportunity is strictly for American minorities.

Here’s a basic description of the project:

I want to compile and edit a collection of short stories, personal essays, and poetry by American minorities (LGBTQIA, non-white Americans, non-Christians, immigrants, women, etc.) about their experiences with discrimination in America. After compiling and editing it, I will self-publish it through such outlets as Amazon and donate the proceeds to charities which support these minorities, including the ACLU.

I need people who have material that they wish to contribute, and it would be helpful if one of the writers volunteered to compose the second half of a two-part introduction (the first being written by me as the editor, but the second written by someone who has experienced more discrimination). If artists could also provide illustrations or photographs, they would enhance the quality of this publication greatly.

Submissions can be anonymous, under a pen name, or under your real name. My top priority is ensuring the comfort and safety of this publication’s contributors while still allowing their stories to be told, so anonymous pieces and pen names are no problem at all.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this project, I cannot pay the contributors. However, I am willing to provide any support they need in return, including vouching for their writing talent. You should also keep in mind that you could point to this collection for your writing experience in queries, résumés, etc., if you choose to submit a piece.

If you wish to contribute, would like to be involved in another way, or just want more information on this project, feel free to contact me at or through the project’s email,

Thank you in advance for all those who contribute and/or support this publication!

Do you know of any charitable publications looking for submissions? Send me information on them at and I may dedicate a post to them.


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