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If you have any questions about the blog or writing, suggestions for post topics, or resources that could be of interest to this blog, please contact us at the following email address and someone will get back to you as soon as possible:


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Do you need an editor? Blog writer? Ghost writer? Book reviewer?

I am available for hire as a freelance editor or writer. Contact me at with “Hire Stephanie” as the subject, details about the work you need, and your deadline. Please also include your first and last name and email address in the email.

I’ll let you know if/when I’m available for your project and my pay rates, which are negotiable. If we agree to work together, I will also provide a freelancing contract.

You can also work with me through Fiverr at I’m available to hire as a writer, editor, beta reader, pun writer, and more.

A particularly popular Gig is my book review Gig. If you want me to read and review your published book and post the review on this blog, follow the link below:

Here are some reviews of my work on Fiverr:

I’m bowled over by the time and effort which has gone into my book review, absolutely superb. I cannot recommend this gig enough. also, I made a request for a slight modification, and it was completed within about three minutes. Many thanks:)

The quality of the work by this seller is beyond expectations. I highly recommend her to anyone who desires honesty and depth of review.

Meticulous, professional presentations along with solid advice on ways the piece could be improved. It is admirable of you to act as the loud speaker for independent authors who otherwise might not have opportunity. Thanks for everything.

I hope I get to work with you in the future.



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