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At the end of July, I told you about a website called the Online Book Club (OBC), where you can read and review books or have your books reviewed. I opted to become a reviewer, partly for the exposure brought by reviewing other writers’ work and partly because I get some new books for free. The possibility of paid reviews doesn’t hurt, either. On that site, I am known as dragonet07, similar to my Twitter handle.

I’ve only reviewed two books as dragonet07 so far. However, I am currently working on two others for the OBC.

For exclusivity and copyright reasons, I can’t put the original reviews from the OBC on my blog but I will put links to my first two OBC reviews and provide more links as more of my reviews get published. After all, exposure is key for books and book club sites.

Please head over and check out my reviews. You may even find new books to read while exploring the website. Here are the links:

dragonet07 review of The Immigrant’s Lament by Mois Benarroch

dragonet07 review of The Expelled by Mois Benarroch

On behalf of readers and writers, I would like to thank the OBC for the opportunity their site provides. We could spend hours combing through online or physical bookstores in order to find books that are off the beaten trail, but it’s better to get recommendations from one place, from fellow readers. The community they have built is also very supportive and helpful. I have yet to witness any issues with trolling or bullying on the site, even when users have differing opinions. I hope that this trend continues. Books are meant to bring people together, not rip them apart.

Please join me on the Online Book Club. At the very least you can find free or discounted books. You could also sign up to have your own book reviewed or become one of their reviewers, both volunteer and paid.

Keep an eye out for future posts in which I provide you with links to other dragonet07 reviews. Until then, happy reading and writing.

Know of any unique opportunities for writers to be read or for readers to review? Leave your thoughts in the comments or e-mail me at thewritersscrapbin@gmail.com so I may feature it in a future post.


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