Special Announcement: Honeycomb by Wren Cavanagh

Happy Hump Day, readers and writers! Today I want to bring you a special announcement about a writer whom I’ve reviewed on this blog before, Wren Cavanagh. You may remember her as the author of The Last Flag and Of Cats and Sea Monsters or as the editor/co-writer of the Summer of Magic anthology. I’m happy to say that Cavanagh has a new novelette out called Honeycomb: Revelations.

A science fiction novelette, Honeycomb follows Quint, a level seven cyborg, as attempts to solve the mysterious of the disappearances plaguing the debtor colony on the planet of Honeycomb. Monsters, mayhem, and guilt-ridden struggles for survival unfold.

What–or who–is behind the disappearances? What sort of beast lies waiting beneath the surface of Honeycomb? And who will survive to make it off that God-forsaken rock?

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This story is published through the small press Notch’s Publishing House, which dedicates its efforts to “creature-feature” type stories.

Cavanagh has put a lot of thought and imaginative energy into the world of this novelette, and I’m very excited to see her take it further. It’s an exciting piece of classic science fiction, although it certainly does not feel played-out or like anything I’ve read before. As a bonus, Cavanagh has added the story “Goblin’s Amends”, her piece from the Summer of Magic anthology, to the end of the Amazon copy.

I will provide a thorough review of Cavanagh’s new work sometime next week. Until then, I recommend Honeycomb: Revelations for fans of science fiction, particularly those who appreciate colonization elements and don’t mind a few grotesque descriptions with their mystery and speculative fiction.

Honeycomb: Revelations is available as an e-book on Amazon for $0.99.

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