dragonet07 OBC Reviews: Edge of Infinity and More

Because I apparently don’t already have enough to do, I submitted two more book reviews to the OnlineBookClub.org, which were published within the past week. I can’t copy the reviews here for exclusivity reasons, but I will provided a couple sentences for each book to give you an idea about what they are as well as the links to OBC reviews. Today’s OBC reviews are for Edge of Infinity by Larry Don Garcia and Who Told You That You Were Naked? by William E. Combs.

Edge of Infinity is a first-encounter story unlike most science fiction novels. Unlike The Origin of F.O.R.C.E., which I reviewed on this blog, Edge of Infinity places the first official encounter between humans and aliens not in the past but centuries in the future. Not only does the “first encounter” not take place until the year 8515, but the typical invasion has been replaced by an invitation to join an intergalactic organization called the Order of the Enlightened. But what does membership mean for Earth? And what further alien encounters will the Order cause?

Who Told You That You Were Naked?: A Refreshing Reexamination of the Garden of Eden is, as the title states, a new look at the age-old tale of Adam and Eve’s fall from Grace and expulsion from the Garden of Eden. A book full of textual analysis and personal anecdotes, Combs’s work will appeal to Christians and those who have an intellectual curiosity for religion.

One of the books is highly cerebral and the other is highly religious, so not every reader will take to Edge of Infinity and Who Told You That Your Were Naked. Still, I suggest giving each a look if you’re curious about theories of our origins and possible interpretations of religious texts.

If you haven’t done so already, I also suggested signing up for the OnlineBookClub.org, either as a reader/reviewer or as a writer looking to have your works reviewed (you can’t review but you can still read the books in the latter case).


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2 thoughts on “dragonet07 OBC Reviews: Edge of Infinity and More”

  1. edge of infinity.. i have a strong believe that there are millions of intelligent alien species out there 🙂 but i also believe that we will never encounter any intelligent life form any time soon! Why, you may ask? simple. because we were already visited by an alien intelligent civilization a long time ago, who then posted a warning sign at our solar system: “CAUTION! STUPIDITY AHEAD!” 😀 so, you just know that the next aliens we encounter won’t be classified as intelligent! >:P

    who told you you’re naked? …my boss is into this kind of things. i might buy him a copy 🙂

    1. Haha, I have to agree with you on the alien front. I think that there are intelligent alien species out there but they would not come anywhere near us if they caught a glimpse of what we’re doing! It’s still fun to think about, though.

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