Poll: How Your Stories Start

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I’m still busy with schoolwork and other obligations but I needed a distraction from the heat. (Our AC broke last summer and we live in a part of California where it can reach 100+ degrees Fahrenheit, so I’m not a happy writer…) For that reason, I’ve decided to post a poll asking my readers how their stories start.

I want to know which part of your story usually comes to you first. A rough plot/plot idea? A character? Setting? You can answer all or answer “other” and provide your own option. And please, feel free to discuss the answers in the comments section while you’re at it. You’d be surprised at how helpful it can be to discuss your process–or lack thereof–with fellow writers.

Which of the following components of a story do you usually start with? (Multiple selections allowed)


I look forward to seeing everybody’s answers.


Designed by Stephanie Hoogstad circa 2011

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