September Monthly Newsletter Giveaway

It seems that September is well underway. After an incredibly busy week, I’m finally able to announce this month’s newsletter giveaway. I think that you will find this prize to be a bit different from the last two giveaways: a free pen with The Writer’s Scrap Bin logo.

In August, I posted an image of some business cards and a pen which I designed and had produced via Vistaprint on The Writer’s Scrap Bin Facebook page. I decided it would be appropriate to spread word of Vistaprint’s excellent work and rewarding my loyal newsletter readers at the same time by offering my readers a chance to get one of the pens for free.

By “free” I mean that my readers will not pay anything. Instead, I will pay Vistaprint full price to make the pens and have them sent to winners of the giveaway. My readers will be charged nothing and no information will be used inappropriately.

Would you like a Writer’s Scrap Bin pen produced by Vistaprint? Sign up for my newsletter, The Scrapbook, using the link provided in the blog’s menu and you will receive instructions for the giveaway in the September issue.

Want to design and buy cool pens, business cards, and other products like the ones I’ve shown you? Follow this link to Vistaprint and be sure to follow @Vistaprint on Twitter.

Have suggestions for the next monthly giveaway? Leave your thoughts in the comments or contact me at


Designed by Stephanie Hoogstad circa 2011

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