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Well, here’s to another week, dear readers. I’m going to be rather busy this week, but I would still like to start it on a lighter note with my latest OBC review. In my previous post discussing outlines, I mentioned that I reviewed a book called Book Blueprint by Jacqui Pretty on OnlineBookClub.org. To my surprise, the review was approved and published not long after I released that post. As before, I can’t copy the review here for exclusivity reasons, but I can give you a brief feel for the book and post the link to the thread on the OBC.

Book Blueprint is a how-to book which helps entrepreneurs to write their own book in order to promote their businesses. It’s particularly interesting for budding entrepreneurs who need to establish themselves as experts in their fields. I read it because I’ve been entertaining the idea of writing a book for self-employed writers, but the details beyond that were hazy. Pretty’s work has certainly put me on the right track, and I’ll be sure to return to it in the future as I work towards my goal of writing a book to promote my business.

I know that, as writers already, my readers may not think Pretty’s advice worth pursuing. However, writing a book of this caliber is much different from writing fiction, poetry, and even other nonfiction works such as essays. Book Blueprint guides readers through the entire process from choosing the right idea and the right kind of book to using the right language for their audiences. Being a fiction, poetry, or nonfiction writer will give you an edge in the process but this book will give you the tools with which you can best use this edge.

To read my full thoughts on Pretty’s work, please follow this link to the OBC review.

If you want to review books for the OBC or would like to have your book reviewed on the site (or just want to find some good books for a discount), you can visit OnlineBookClub.org or you can get the basic information from my post covering the reviewing opportunity.


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