Revisiting My Old Work

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope you’ve survived the first day of the week. I’m sorry about the sparsity of my posts. With the upcoming Writer’s Digest contest, my end-of-year essay, and my portfolio, I’ve been having to take time out to focus on my work. I wanted to provide a more lighthearted (and hopefully encouraging) post today, so I decided to post some of my old work here.

This poem is from about four years ago and was a part of my portfolio for an undergrad poetry class. It’s crude, unedited, and unrefined, so don’t expect it to be any good. Also, keep in mind that I’m a fiction writer, not a poet, so…well, there’s a reason I don’t delve into poetry much anymore. I just found it while looking through some old documents and thought that people would get a chuckle out of it.

Warning: This poem, I would argue, is about PG-13, PG at best. So proceed with caution.

Without further delay, I present “Wendy Darling’s Grown Up”:


I apologize for attaching it as a word document. I’m relatively new to WordPress and trying to paste the poem directly into the post messed up the format. We all know how important formatting is to poetry.

So, if you’re ever looking through your old work and become embarrassed by it, just remember that we all feel that way. The best thing to do is realize that you’ve grown as a writer and that even though you don’t write that way anymore, it’s still worth while to keep all your work. It may never see the light of day but at least you can get a chuckle or, perhaps, inspiration for new work.

Do you have any old work that others might get joy out of reading? Feel free to post them in the comments! Also, keep an eye out for future posts on Sandra Cisneros, studying fairy tales, and rewriting fairy tales.


Designed by Stephanie Hoogstad circa 2011


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